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More than just a portrait lens

Only the perfect mix of the right focal length, aperture, and imaging sensor can create a portrait as beautiful as one made with GF110mmF2 R LM WR and a GFX system camera. The combination not only provides a crisp image, it does so with beautiful bokeh that can only be made from using a wide F2 aperture with an imaging sensor that is 1.7 times larger than ones found in common full-frame cameras. With any GFX system camera, this lens is so much more than just a standard portrait lens.



The GFX interchangeable lens GF series requires a lens with high resolution performance in order to bring out the full performance of the sensor, which is 70% larger than the 35mm full size. The GF series is the highest quality lens that we have poured our optical technology into to achieve this high performance. It achieves high resolution and rich gradation reproduction, maximizes the performance of the “GFX 50S”, and enables the world’s highest level of photographic expression. Since its launch in February this year, it has been highly evaluated by professional photographers and photo enthusiasts.

The “GF1 10mm F2 R LM WR” is a large-diameter medium-telephoto lens that is ideal for portrait photography with a beautiful bokeh effect. With a shallow depth of field and high resolution in the in-focus area, you can take detailed portraits with a realistic and three-dimensional effect.

Overwhelming high image quality

It is a medium telephoto lens with a focal length equivalent to 87mm (35mm format equivalent), and has a shallow depth of field with an open F value of 2.0, making it ideal for portrait photography. Chromatic aberration is suppressed to the utmost by using four ED lenses and arranging them in a well-balanced manner before and after the aperture. Furthermore, by optimally arranging the focus lens, aberration fluctuations due to shooting distance are suppressed and high image quality is achieved.

Beautiful bokeh that brings out the features of the large sensor

Spherical aberration and chromatic aberration are thoroughly suppressed by adopting a configuration of 14 elements in 9 groups including 4 ED lenses. In addition, the adoption of a 9-blade diaphragm realizes beautiful front and rear bokeh, allowing you to enjoy depictions that take advantage of the shallow depth of field peculiar to large medium format sensors.

High-speed, quiet AF designed optimally for mirrorless cameras

Uses the inner focus method (* 1). By reducing the weight of the focus lens and driving it with a linear motor, high-speed and quiet AF is achieved and comfortable shooting is possible.

* 1: A method in which a relatively small lens in the middle or rear is moved without moving the front, which consists of a relatively large lens.

Toughness design that can withstand various shooting environments

It is sealed in 9 places to realize a dust-proof, drip-proof, and low-temperature resistant structure of -10 ° C. You can shoot with confidence even in an outdoor environment with light rain or dust.

Intuitive and reliable operability

A “C position (command dial mode)” is provided on the aperture ring, making it possible to set the aperture using the command dial on the camera body. In addition, a lock mechanism has been added to the “A (= auto) position” and “C position” to prevent the aperture dial from moving carelessly.


Model number GF110mmF2 R LM WR
Release date June 22, 2017
Lens configuration 14 elements in 9 groups (4 ED lenses)
Focal length f = 110mm (35mm equivalent: 87mm equivalent)
Angle of view 27.9°
Maximum aperture ratio (open aperture) F2
Minimum aperture F22
Aperture format Number of blades: 9 (circular aperture)
Step: 1/3 step (22 steps in total)
Shortest shooting distance 0.9m –∞
Maximum shooting magnification 0.16 times
External dimensions φ94.3 mm x 125.5 mm (from the tip to the mount reference surface)
Mass Approximately 1,010g (excluding lens cap and hood)
Filter size φ77mm
In The Box Lens cap FLCP-77 / Lens rear cap RLCP-002 / Lens hood / Lens pouch


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