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Reinventing ‘Wide’

The XF16mmF1.4 R WR is a professional wide-angle prime lens. The bright maximum aperture of F1.4 and the ability to focus as close as 15cm means this lens can create beautiful bokeh and a unique perspective. This lens redefines your expectations of what a wide prime lens can do.


XF16mmF1.4 R WR

The “XF16mmF1.4 R WR” has a dynamic and perspective-like angle of view equivalent to 24mm (* 1), and boasts high depiction performance. The bright F-number of F1.4 not only works well when shooting at night, but also makes it possible to shoot with a wide-angle lens and rich bokeh.
With a single-focus wide-angle lens equivalent to 24 mm (* 1), the world’s first close-up shot of 15 cm at the shortest allows you to perform framing that incorporates a large background while providing a large close-up of the main subject.
The high-speed AF performance, dust-proof, drip-proof and low-temperature-resistant structure that is willing to take a tough shooting environment, and the compact size with abundant portability greatly expand the place where the image quality is exhibited.
* 1: 35mm format equivalent

Wide-angle lens with high resolution from open to clear and every corner of the screen

Using 13 aspherical lenses and 2 ED glass lenses in 11 groups, the optical design that effectively corrects various aberrations such as distortion and chromatic aberration promises sharp and sharp depiction from the open.
Despite being a wide-angle lens, the optical system suppresses distortion and does not perform electrical correction, so high resolution is achieved in every corner of the screen. In addition, the HT-EBC coat, which boasts high transmittance and optical performance, is applied to the entire surface of the lens, and a nano GI coat is used on the back of the G1 lens, which has a particularly high curvature and requires low reflection characteristics against oblique incident light. Achieves high flare and ghost resistance. It is a reliable lens that does not impair the freedom of shooting angle.

The shortest shooting distance is 15 cm, expanding the world of wide-angle lens depiction

The near subject is “larger”, the distant subject is “smaller”, and the perspective-filled depiction peculiar to a wide-angle lens becomes more dynamic by taking “close”. By “approaching”, the depiction of bokeh is enriched at the same time, and a new shooting expression is added to the large-diameter wide-angle lens. In order to satisfactorily correct various aberrations and maintain high image quality even at the shortest shooting distance of 15 cm, we have adopted a floating focus system that divides the focus group into two and drives them in conjunction with each other according to the shooting distance. This achieves high depiction performance over the entire focus range.

Fastest 0.11 seconds (* 2) High-speed autofocus

A rear focus system is used to achieve high-speed autofocus. By operating these focus units with a high-torque DC coreless motor, high-speed focusing of 0.11 seconds is achieved. It is one that plays an active part in snapshots and portraits.
* 2: CIPA guideline compliant, internal measurement method, high performance mode ON

Distance index focus ring with depth of field scale

Equipped with a distance index focus ring with a depth of field scale that is ideal for snapshots.
By setting the eye measurement distance and aperture, it is possible to cut out a moment without a time lag.

Dust-proof, drip-proof, low-temperature resistant structure

Since each part of the lens barrel has an exterior structure with sealing at 8 points and 9 points, it is possible to shoot even in tough situations such as bad weather.

Light weight about 375g, compact size

Achieves a very lightweight and compact size with a weight of about 375 g and a filter diameter of 67 mm, with high optical performance and rich functionality. Its portability, which is 40% lighter than a full-frame lens, is the greatest advantage for active photographers. As a large-diameter lens that you will want to carry all day long, it will help you expand your photo opportunities and create wonderful works.

Optional accessories Square lens hood LH-XF16 (* 3)

A stylish square lens hood with excellent portability. Uses aluminum-cut parts with excellent rigidity and texture.
* 3: Sold separately, scheduled to be released in September 2015

* The images on this page are based on our verification.


Model number XF16mmF1.4 R WR
Release date May 21, 2015
Lens configuration 13 elements in 11 groups (2 aspherical lenses, 2 anomalous dispersion lenses)
Focal length f = 16mm (35mm equivalent: equivalent to 24mm)
Angle of view 83.2°
Maximum aperture ratio (open aperture) F1.4
Minimum aperture F16
Aperture format Number of blades: 9 (circular aperture)
Step: 1/3 step (22 steps in total)
Shortest shooting distance 15cm –∞
Maximum shooting magnification 0.21 times
External dimensions (approx.) Ø 73.4 mm x 73.0 mm (from the tip to the mount reference surface)
Mass 375g (excluding lens cap and hood)
Filter size Ø67mm


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