Fujifilm XF10-24mmF4 R OIS WR II – Black


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Capture All the Excitement

The magnitude of the Colosseum, the extravagance of the Sagrada Família, and the grandeur of the Taj Mahal may dwarf us with their breathtaking beauty, but they also fill us with inspiration to make images of their awesome silhouettes towering over the horizon. Therefore, we challenge ourselves to find the right perspective to encapsulate the scene and connect with these architectural marvels, so we can channel the exhilaration of being in their presence into new creative visions.

FUJINON XF10-24mmF4 R OIS WR can assist you in creating images that not only communicate the excitement of being in the moment but also help you tell stories that fully convey the expansiveness of the scene around you. Make your photos feel like they have never felt before.


The “XF10-24mmF4 R OIS WR” covers a focal length of ultra-wide-angle 10mm-wide-angle 24mm (35mm equivalent: 15mm-36mm equivalent). The ultra-wide angle of view enables dynamic landscape photography that emphasizes perspective. In addition, it is a highly versatile lens that supports a wide range of shooting scenes, such as taking advantage of the focal length up to a wide angle of 24 mm to enjoy snapshot shooting and portrait shooting.

Demonstrates excellent optical performance

Uses a lens configuration of 14 elements in 10 groups, including 4 aspherical lenses and 4 ED lenses. It effectively corrects spherical aberration and chromatic aberration, and demonstrates high resolution from the center to the periphery of the image.
Achieves an open F-number of 4.0 over the entire focal length of ultra-wide-angle 10mm-wide-angle 24mm (35mm equivalent: 15mm-36mm equivalent). You can enjoy shooting comfortably with less effort to adjust the exposure setting depending on the angle of view.
Macro shooting that takes advantage of the shortest shooting distance of 24 cm is possible. It is possible to take a powerful expression unique to an ultra-wide-angle lens, such as taking a picture with a large background while taking a close-up of the subject.

Achieves high toughness performance

Newly adopted dust-proof, drip-proof, and low-temperature resistant structure of -10 ℃. You can use it with confidence even in an outdoor environment where light rain and dust fly.

Supports handheld shooting with enhanced image stabilization and smaller size and lighter weight

By installing a high-performance gyro sensor, the camera shake correction function has been improved by 1.0 step compared to the conventional model, and a 3.5 step correction effect has been achieved. In addition, when combined with the mirrorless digital camera “FUJIFILM X-T4” equipped with an in-body image stabilization function, it demonstrates a 5-axis, maximum 6.5-step correction effect. You can take high-quality pictures even in scenes that are susceptible to camera shake due to low light intensity, such as indoors and outdoors at night.
By making full use of advanced mechanical design technology, it is 25g lighter than the conventional model. In addition, the focus ring and zoom ring have also been reduced in diameter. It has a stylish design that fits in your hand and supports handheld shooting.

Achieve comfortable shooting by further improving operability

The A (auto) position lock installed in the interchangeable lens for our digital camera “GFX series” is adopted for the first time as an “XF lens”. You can lock the aperture ring so that it does not move carelessly during shooting, so you can shoot comfortably.
A new aperture ring with an index is used. You can check the F value and easily adjust it.

Achieves high-speed and quiet AF

A high-speed and quiet AF is achieved by adopting an inner focus method that drives a compact and lightweight focus lens with a stepping motor. In addition, it supports the face / pupil AF function of digital cameras. You can capture the momentary facial expression of the subject, which is very useful for portrait photography.


Model number XF10-24mmF4 R OIS WR
Release date November 26, 2020
Lens configuration 14 elements in 10 groups (4 aspherical lenses, 4 ED lenses)
Focal length f = 10-24mm (35mm equivalent: equivalent to 15-36mm)
Angle of view 110° -61.2°
Maximum aperture ratio (open aperture) F4.0
Minimum aperture F22
Aperture format Number of blades: 7 (circular aperture)
Step: 1/3 step (16 steps in total)
Shortest shooting distance 34 cm
Maximum shooting magnification 0.16 times
External dimensions φ77.6mm × 87mm
(from the tip to the mount reference surface)
Mass Approximately 385g (excluding lens cap and hood)
Filter size φ72mm
In The Box Lens cap FLCP-72 II / Lens rear cap RLCP-001 / Lens hood / Wrapping cloth


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