Fujifilm GF80mmF1.7 R WR – Black

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Limitless Creativity

As the world’s brightest* autofocus lens for medium or large format mirrorless digital cameras, GF80mmF1.7 R WR offers limitless creative options to make large-format image-making more flexible than ever before. Create pin-sharp images in stunning high detail and have the confidence to produce incredible results every time, even when the depth-of-field is shallow and the light levels are low.

*Among interchangeable lenses for mirrorless digital cameras equipped with an image sensor measuring 55mm diagonally (43.8mm x 32.9mm), according to Fujifilm as of January 27, 2021



“The “GF80mmF1.7 R WR” is a large-diameter standard single-focus lens with a focal length of 80mm (35mm equivalent: 63mm equivalent). As a lens compatible with digital cameras equipped with a large format sensor (* 1), it achieves an extremely bright open F value of 1.7, enabling shooting with smooth and beautiful bokeh. In addition, it also has an autofocus (AF) function, which allows you to capture the subject quickly and accurately, so you can enjoy high-quality portrait photography.

* 1: An image sensor with a diagonal length of 55 mm (width 43.8 mm x length 32.9 mm) and an area about 1.7 times that of the 35 mm format.

Achieves smooth bokeh with an open F value of 1.7

By adopting a large-diameter lens, etc., it achieves an extremely bright open F value of 1.7 as a lens compatible with digital cameras equipped with a large format sensor.
An ultra-high-precision aspherical lens is realized by manufacturing using a mold processed with an accuracy of 1 / 100,000 mm. Furthermore, by adopting a lens configuration of 12 elements in 9 groups including this 1 aspherical lens and 2 super ED lenses, spherical aberration is optimally controlled. You can blur smoothly from the focus surface to the background, and you can create a three-dimensional expression that makes the subject stand out.
By driving six focus groups including an aspherical lens at once, aberration fluctuations due to focusing are suppressed and high-quality shooting is achieved.

Equipped with AF function, it is possible to capture the subject quickly and accurately

Equipped with an AF function using a DC motor suitable for driving large lenses. Even when shooting at a shallow depth of field, which requires a high degree of focusing, you can capture the subject quickly and accurately, and you will not miss a decisive moment.
Achieves AF low illuminance limit of -5.5EV (* 2) due to its high light-collecting power. It is 0.5 steps higher than the previous -5.0EV (* 3). It enables smooth AF even in dimly lit scenes, and can capture the subject with high accuracy while suppressing camera shake and noise.
Supports the face / pupil detection AF function of digital cameras. In portrait photography, you can capture the facial expressions of a moving subject.

* 2: When attached to “FUJIFILM GFX100” and “FUJIFILM GFX100S”.

* 3: When “FUJIFILM GF110mmF2 R LM WR” is attached to “FUJIFILM GFX100”.

Dust-proof, drip-proof, low-temperature resistant structure of -10 ℃

Adopts a dust-proof, drip-proof, and low-temperature resistant structure of -10 ° C with 10 sealings on the lens barrel. In addition, the front lens of the lens is coated with fluorine and has water-repellent and antifouling functions, so it can be used safely even in outdoor environments where light rain and dust are fluttering.

High practicality

A bright lens with an open F value of 1.7, with a unique optical design, achieves a length of 99.2 mm and a mass of approximately 795 g. It reduces the burden of carrying around and shooting, and demonstrates high practicality.


Model number GF80mmF1.7 R WR
Release date February 25, 2021
Lens configuration 12 elements in 9 groups (1 aspherical lens, 2 super ED lenses)
Focal length f = 80mm (35mm equivalent: equivalent to 63mm)
Angle of view 37.7°
Maximum aperture ratio (open aperture) F1.7
Minimum aperture F22
Aperture format Number of blades: 9 (circular aperture)
Step: 1/3 step (23 steps in total)
Shortest shooting distance 70 cm
Maximum shooting magnification 0.15 times
External dimensions φ94.7 mm x 99.2 mm
(from the tip to the mount reference surface)
Mass Approximately 795g (excluding lens cap and hood)
Filter size φ77mm
In The Box Lens cap FLCP-77 / Lens rear cap RLCP-002 / Lens hood / Lens pouch


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