Chenthil Mohan

A documentary photographer from Bangalore, Chenthil is the recipient of 2016 Silk Awards, and 2012 Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year Award (couple Portraiture). Apart from Weddings, Chenthil is an accredited sports photographer specialised in professional cycling and a published photojournalist in leading publications and renowned photo festivals. Recently he was nominated to the inaugural “Mark Gunter Cycling Photographer of the Year” competition by CyclingTips Australia. Be it the mood of the moment, the gaiety of the wedding, the exuberance of the party, action in a sport or the sombreness of the ritual, Chenthil’s unique perspective, the odd angle, or different light makes even the mundane special. He lives in the outskirts of Bangalore with his wife and 5 dogs, trying to live a lifestyle true to his spirit.