Praerna Kartha

Praerna Kartha

Praerna is the creative director and the other half of Twogether Studios. Before she became a wedding photographer, director and producer, Praerna had a successful career in account management in the advertising industry. The ying to our collective yang, Praerna is a detail-oriented perfectionist and likes nothing better than being a part of a big-fat-Indian-wedding with all the chaos and fun. When not shooting a wedding, Praerna is a talented food blogger, photographer and food-stylist. She runs a food blog called Food-Dee-Dum, and can also be found in the Twogether Studio chasing after that perfect shot of a waffle!


My travels and my documentary work involves interacting with people and being unobtrusive while also keeping weight and bulk of my equipment to a minimum. All these factors combined with excellent image characteristics made me jump into the Fuji system with the X100S in 2013. Over the next few years, I travelled extensively with it and eventually, completely switched form DSLRs to the Fujifilm Mirrorless system. I now use them exclusively for all my work. For me the X System gets out the way and allows the photographer to actualize the vision while at the same time provides the quality and technological support needed for professional work. The design and usability makes the cameras invisible and helps it to gel well with documentary and travel photography to the point that I think it becomes an extension of the eye.




XF14mmF2.8 R

XF23mmF2 R WR

XF35mmF1.4 R