By attaching this adapter to the FUJIFILM GFX 50S, you can use a total of 9 interchangeable lenses “SUPER EBC FUJINON HC lenses” for “GX645AF” and 1 teleconverter. Focusing is limited to manual focus, but you can change the aperture with the command dial on the body, and you can also shoot with the “lens shutter” built into the lens. This enables high-speed flash synchronization at a maximum speed of 1/800 seconds.

In addition, it is equipped with an electrical contact that can communicate with the body, and it is possible to independently create, save, and apply correction data for each lens. In addition, the exposure mode corresponds to manual and aperture-priority AE.

A removable tripod mount is included to prevent blurring when using a heavy zoom lens on a tripod and to ensure a good weight balance.


  • Compatible Models: GFX100 / GFX100S / GFX50S II / GFX 50S / GFX 50R
43,999.00 41,000.00 *incl. of all taxes
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